Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Retail Therapy

The flamenco Guitarist and I awayed to Santa Barbara this last weekend. There was sushi, of course. And music, and dancing (even if it wasn't very good), and general merry making, including a giant tapas nosh with my brother Clem and his wife, the fabulous Hiromi-chan. And on the second day of this glorious weekend, the handsome flamenco guitarist walked me down State Street to buy life-giving blended mochas and people watch Santa Barbara's curious blend of co-eds, Mexican families, homeless people and the top 10 tax bracket.
And we were thusly promenading when we ran smack into my favorite place in the world. The Sur La Table store.
I don't know how professional chef's feel about the place, but to me, there is no store more titilating in all of Cookiedom. The colors! The textures! The neat little gizmos in neat little piles that people with kitchen talents can purchase and use!

Think of the cupcakes! And who doesn't think about cupcakes?

Or these clever little pastry tins. Tiny and solidly cast, they're fantastically satisfying. Small and cold. They sit in your hand like a little frog. I've fantasized for two days now about rolling out small circles of pastry, tucking them into one of these darling minature molds, and filling them with tidy spoonfuls of cherry surprise, or blueberry something. If only I knew what I was talking about. Oy.

Even the dish-rags are inviting. I want all of them.

It's really too bad Blogger won't let me upload any more photos. I have some really cute ones.

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ATriana said...

How about an itsy-bitsy narrative of how your nickname is now "Cookie" amongst the Flamencos' nearest and dearest?