Friday, June 02, 2006

Viernes Alegria

Tony actually did it. He paid cash money to Antonio de Jerez to make me a tortilla española. But he wasn't allowed to stay and watch this alchemy, oh no. He brought over all the ingredients, two expensive German beers and one crisp new Jackson but was then sent away. He returned a few hours later to receive the perfect, hot tortilla.
"She really wants the recipe, Antonio. Won't you tell her how you do it?"
"I don't think so," said Antonio. He handed Tony the results of his clandestine labor. "And make sure you bring the plate back."
So Tony brought this beauty down to me, still warm under tinfoil. You can see that it's a flawless piece of art. And it tasted every bit as perfect as it looked - lofty, but dense. Slightly salty. Chewy. Filling. Perfecto, eh? But after careful inspection, we realized we were no closer to its secrets.
Stay tuned...

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